Missing the in-between. The falling into pillows, not able to get on the feet again.
Missing the soft sunshine trough the clouds, soft and eye stroking. Reaching for a supreme surrender of the mind. Wondering where we belong, just to have a reason to wonder about something again. Wondering how it would be, knowing where home is. Wondering if ever experience love like love watch candles burning.
Wanting to shut the brains noise fucking up. Cancel the comments of people falling out their mouth without wandering through their brains.
Wondering if arriving is just a spot of a second, like having a good meal, a good beer, a good friend’s talk.

If you stop caring for the fuck of the most of them. If you stop caring for the opinion of most of them. Start just existing around. Like sitting there, at the window, watching the temperature falling, the people walking, the ravens getting married on the top of the roofs while Rufus Wainwright playing soft piano for them and their black eyes full of hope.


Don’t get to know people well. They are a hell of scum. They are bad. They are mad. And a few of them make you glitter like a mirror ball- the fewest. But they’ll care 4 you, trust me.