To spend the holidays (so called) with your better half’s family?

First one: Your partners family will be a lot more amazing than your own. You know all (and I mean all) the topics, your family is talking an arguing about. Which can be fun. But to be honest: after fife hours of discussing about fucking nothing, you’re going to be tired, bored, and wondering where all the good wine is. And you know, why you don’t believe in Santa any more.

Second: You can simply have sex. I know, it sounds absolutely rude. But hey, what do you do on such days when you received all the stuff you had already? Right- you start watching TV shows, reading books (if the TV isn’t too loud or you’re one of the more privileged citizens who have three floors with four bedrooms) , discussing with your family members (again) – or listening to their stories or advices (you should move on, you should change your partner, you should start living a responsible live etc… you know the stories), or trying to read (now a magazine) while the radio is playing. This ALL is great fun if you could watch it from a foreign perspective- the perspective of a visitor. Believe me. And the fact, that you can have sex. I know, you can have it as well, when you’re at home at your family. But here you can’t do a lot wrong. And if- it’s not your family!


Third: You can LEAVE without being stalked why you went away on CHRISTMAS. The family is ruin your mode of chill? The parents get up at 6.30 in the morning, cook, sing, their (nice) dog is barking and the telly is so loud that you know the actual news of the day before opening the curtains of your room? Well, there you go, day three, second Christmas-day, and you want to go. Want to have a party. Want to sleep in your own bed again? You say „thank you for all the circumstances and the great time, delicious food and  hospitality“. Then you leave. No one will roll their eyes.


Last: You don’t have to clean. Yeah, i know, this is really, really rude. But hey, who loves cleaning, hm? Ok, thanks for discussing this point with me.


Cheers to all of you. Hope you had great days. It’s raining here. Great fun.



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