Sing, dance and laugh until the sun went down.
Run, smile, give a shit. The hope, to find somewho who will be there, love the grip of your hand, your stupid jokes and your laughters at the wrong time.
Be touched and melancholic. Lose yourself for a long time and have a give-a-shit for a nearly lifetimelong period of travelling around.
Collect colours of all kind. And see, feel and believe what makes you happy.
Give a shit bloody more often.
Read the books you want, not the ones which are to be read.
Fly away with grasshoppers and come back with Peter Pan.
Start believing.

Before you fucking fall down- again.
Before you lose your hopes and believes- again.
Before you lose the colour of your hair.
Before you go old and grumpy.
Before your heart forgot how to dance.

It’s the very hardest to believe in ourselfes if no one else is doing. It’s hard to sail through the sea of criticism and give a shit. It’s hard to change all the time, become a diffrent one than you’ve been before, probably missing your old self. Don’t ever grow up. Always stay strong, you’re most beautiful the way you are. See yourself as it.