From time to time it occurs, that there I want to see a bit more of me.
Then and when I acknowledge, there must be less the others, less universe, less radio voices, more me.

There had be a time of a lot of you. Filling rooms, filling bars, filling books and TV shows, just and only you. Open my eyes, having breakfast- you. Having diner, a sip of milk in the middle of the night- you. Sitting in the tube, on my bike, having a run, or just a book in my chair- you. You have been nearly every colour I knew; Why I say `nearly`? Well, you show me another light, another kind of way to see the world. Less way around, more `more` in everything. Little things became larger, bigger, brighter, louder, well- fluffier. Calming down was the way to turn things up, getting around, regretting nothing.

You left, finally. As always. Not sad. Not happy. Just less. Less you. Less me. Less of everything.