Softly fallen, hardly understood.
Grand Piano, slow winter night.
Versus and plus.
Last forever and the cigarette after the scream.
Girl and boy, she and him, songs like eternity, thoughts darker than nights, stars faster than any car ever can be.
Stomach pain, don’t fall in love, stupid!
Weak and nothing to lose.
Hard but nothing to give.
Lost and nowhere to find.
Remembered but never figured out.
Breath taking.
Given but never had.
Smiling and never sad, but happy is a far away.
You faced it once.
Lost it several times.
Sung their songs.
Found yours- forgot the melody till yet.
Whistle it in the air, life’s hard and all but fair.
Don’t be afraid, you mumble again in repetition.
Breath taking.
Knowing it better is a long way to be gone.
Changing even then will be no difference at all.
At least you will never figure out.
Just that one time you know what it was all about.
More than a lot of other will ever be able to say.
Again all for that one moment.
Breath taking.