When I look at you, I suddenly know, how forever feels like.

Lead me into destruction, your world, your all, all of you.
Its not what I suppose to see, its what this is going to be,
With your lies, me believing, loving your red wine bloody adorable lips.
Its you offering a new reality, for all the time you are there, I am here, we’re all together, hate, love, fight, fear, forever just now.
Teach me how to fuck, to drink, to believe and, for gods sake, to forget.
No reason, nothing to relay on, always the fastest, first one, hero ever after, freak show No1, best dresses in a sea full of blooming abstractions.
Superficially so deep under your skin, rotten new born piece of hoping this is going to go away.
Drunk of me, drunk of you, drunk of us, of all, full, filling up our will, our be, our us until we explode to start again, collecting the pieces, creating everything but new, to get drunk.
My heroin, my useless not to regret, my range of colours, my lady in black, glittering sun, love of my life.

Never thought someone could love me, like you do, never thought, I could be able to love someone bloody crazy cunt like you, adorable motherfucker piece of shit, star of my life, galaxy of my dreams, fucking, so fucking more than every god will and can ever be.

Hurt me. Again.
Screw me off. Again. And again.
Let me down. Let me lose, let me go and never look back.
Just to see your face wherever I go, mirrors of the brightest, warmest colour I can imagine.
It is you. It has always been.