Let’s get heartbroken, my notdarling. Trust nobody, never me, never them, him, her, no one.
Get wild. Really. You are far too young to be that old. That weird. That honest. Stop being more wise, more mature, more grown up than you are.
Use your brain, trust your heart, even if it tells you that safety is not the solution for your hungry emotion.

Eat chocolate, drink wine and Whisky, stop feeling guilty for what you are, what you feel, what you want and what you dream of.
Give a shit on most of the opinions, but have friends, they’ll cover your back.

Now get out. Live, have stories to tell, good and bad dreams, bad nights, drunken ones, be young as long as you can, even when your skin loses its tense. Have glittering eyes, fast thoughts and be honest, always honest to yourself- even when you lie.

Don´t ever be afraid to die; be afraid to miss life.


We skated in the moonlight.
Laughted in the rain, danced to the worst music, teached us how not to love us and misunderstood everything.

Woke up with a headache.

Went to bed with desire.

Wanted something else.

Found us.

It was a brilliant time.