Never grown up.
Let’s play a funny game though. You’re the realistic one, I am not, what you think, good idea hm?
Son you lookin for trouble?
-short period of silence-well, afterwards, okay, but meanwhile i’ld really prefer the game. Deal?
Hell, fuck how old are you? Go away for gods sake.
I swear I’ll. But please, you look realistic to me. Honest, wrinkled face, poor flat smile, kind of sad eyes. Please. I really need grown up input, okay? Look, there is
Oh SHUT the fuck up, okay? Really boy, really. See, me and my beer, us two, we have a quiet intensive date here with this TV over there. See? Go away, tell your postpubertal annoying stuff someone like… that waitress over’ere.
See, this is going the right way. We’re talking like having a really good conversation, don’t we? So, there is a problem, a really deep one which occurs when I try to be more realistic and not to fall in love. Simple, isn’t it? HAH! See. That’s what most people think.
Then go and talk about that rubbish with those moooossst people. Let me and my beer alone.
So I lived in not several places, I lived in a looooooot of places, get me? And there is a friend of mine, a really good one who sais, before starting something serious, either a relationship or the will to find a home, I’ve to start to settle. But I don’t think life’s worth settling, do ya?

Please, go AWAY! Poor you. Baaaahhh. See? I’m feeling for ya, poor young bastard. Piss of.
Well, and so on I thought it may help to ask some stranger, like you are, who really knows what he wants and even more important: what not.
Yes, you for example. I can’t stand you. You’re annoying.
That’s brilliant! I think that every person does what he does because of a good-hearted reason.
Are you woman? Fucking hell. Is there a chance to stop you? Stop thinking, and more importantly: please stop talking. About the rubbish in your head. Look kid, boy, young man- this is my beer. This is me. I have long days. I have two beautiful children. Your age I think. And a pretty woman at my side. And I am not willing to have a date with a youngster who is that much kind of insane to think he finds answers in a bloody pub. Okay? Now go away. Whatever is waiting there for you.

It was one of the best conversations, and the most honest one, for the last half year he had.