Coming to, being then allto, falling in lo, just ups, so not down, sitting there with a head filled up completely with sparkling tipsiness, glittering eyes, good jokes.

Hand in ha, nothing said but said a lot, fearfull of not being enough in the end but wait! What if…something ‚round the corner, if something bett, no not thinking, no anymore of waiting.

Being full of fear of not wanting to be the one who disappoint the other, neither being disappointed itself, wtf. Dreams full, full of fury, of laughter, of light and bright, warm beaches water and birds all around singing in a chorus so wonderful, fullfilling harmonic sounds, waves making little beat, your feet in the middle of all the soft sand, in your hand the one you lo.

All we ever wanted, now look, never look back, neither into the future, confusing shit, you know?!

Three words. I lov . One left. You close your eyes. Where is all the courage from the dreams when needed, and then the first kiss for this time again. And you feel like: please, this first kiss should be the last first kiss. Stardust. Fallen Angel. Sand, warm sun, easy going and eyes who understand your words. Heaven. We are so much in heaven.

Three words.