Downtown on earth she finds destruction, as you find downtown yourself. So much, both of you forgot to trust first in no one else: but you. Feelings are out of your control, but love isn’t something that comes and goes. The desaster with love, my sweetheart is, it comes, and when it there, it ever lasts.

No package at all, sweet, light an easy, so many lips, so many bodytastes. Good and too much to drink, singing songs but no way to think, wandering around no clue till it hurts, than swapping away just feel that it burns. Running faster, harder and farer away, just knowing that if you would stay, all you drunken braveness brakes away. Free swimmer, wide cowboy, big girl and Princess, King for the ones who wants to know, a King without Queen.


Your heart in Aces, pumping blood full of faces, full of fear and stories and whatcouldhavebeen, in direct contrast to whatyouhaveseen.
Voices all around, babbleing, cheating breaking trust and leaving naked souls on the cold wet floor.

So you go, downtown and whiskey, and gin, beer and forget, drinking this forget to forget, drinking not to fall, drinking to drink, dancing brainless but drunk with someone in your arm, someone on your side, this moment will stay, feign eternity, left behind when it’s over, your head wakes up again and you’re 80, but 20 somehow still, wondering where all your brave has disappeared.