really, I try, hardest, without falling apart, to do so good this time. Feels like I will fail. Feels like it has to, because it’s so not easy at all. From time to time it’s really fun, believe me. We all can be, and I am sure we are, weird personalities. Or just personality. Whatever.

I sit a lot these days. Surrounded by a few glittery ghosts, a few very grounded persons, and too few to talk to, seriously without backbite. Far to less money, far too much to do, too less inner peace, too childish thoughts. Buying balloons and flying away…

lets grap the whatever by it’s bloody horns and train our muscles. feel honest pain again. why-ever this may be good, it is, hopefully. and life right. drugfree? why not.

confused? day by day. strong? if I have to.