So terrible in making decisions, to ascertain things, not ready yet, not having been ready for so long for a thing never wasted a thought of. Safe in a few broken moments of comfort, knowing, it will disappear as quick as it came.
Went to buy milk, instant coffee, orange juice and bread, because we will be hungry in the morning. The morning after the morning after. Having our things done, others were quicker in doing so, but you know, darling, we are so much not the others.
Shared so many cigarettes with so many people but in the end it were so few. Only a handful of kisses we remember, only a few smiles, and two, maybe three people who were so much there in our lifes that they will cover all the others with shadow.
Don’t be too melancholic, don’t be too full of energy, both will scare so many others away. But you’re getting so sick of the ‚middle‘. You’re confused by yourself sitting there since 40 minutes in this chair from 17 years ago, doing exactly nothing but sitting there, staring at this blank wall with a small picture of Kate Moss looking at you. And anybody else, looking at it. Don’t want to make decisions, again.

In three years, everything can change. But what happens if you stay the same. And feeling that this is a burden, here and there. Especially in the so called ‚comfort-zones‘ which leach you more out than giving you power back. Are you wrong at being yourself?